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What's In For You

Most log home dealerships or log home makers are simply people between you and us, because we are the mill that produces the logs. That implies your expenses are LOWER when you deal with us. We provide extra cost savings because most log home packages are pre-cut. While this uses some advantages it likewise includes substantially to your expense and makes on-site modifications time consuming, complex and costly. We save you all this because we are the mill.

Lastly, numerous log home dealerships aim to upsell you products like windows, doors, roof and framing lumber. All these products that can be bought in your area for less money, by you or your local home builder. We wish to reveal you that Company Name Quality Log Homes is "The Best Way" to construct your log home economically.

Company Name Quality Log Homes is a log home company, situated in Henniker, New Hampshire. We've been producing lumbers and milled logs for commercial log home business at our own mill since the mid 1970's. Now we are making our excellent "graded" grated logs readily available straight to the retail client.

Company Name Quality Log Homes is independently owned and lies in the middle of Eastern White Pine Country-in main New Hampshire where we take shipment of logs from local loggers and produce high quality milled logs, woods and lumber for use in log homes/cabins and wood frame houses. We even produce a log siding and incorrect corner log system that when used provides the impression of a strong log home!

Company Name Quality Log Homes focuses on genuine log houses and provides a variety of pine wood items for your structure tasks at mill direct costs: Milled Logs, Timbers, Lumber, ended up boards, log siding, pre-cut log camp cabin packages and devices for log cabins & houses and wood frame houses are all products we produce at our mill.

Company Name Quality Log Homes offers log home bundles mill direct ... conserving you countless $$$ over basic set home business. To see how much we can save you, let us estimate your brand-new log home!